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Being a remote office requires solid and reliable communication systems; connection to and from our clients therefore must be as smooth as being in the building next door.

To ensure that our internet communications are running effectively we maintain 3 Optical lines from 3 separate suppliers to allow for any down time on either line.

We have a secure FTP site (File Transfer Protocol ) for transferring drawings and other documents to and from our clients. The site is secure, simple to use and accessible from your network browser. Each project is allocated a separate secure area. (See screeen shot of FPT site below).

Screen Shot of secure FTP site

For PC to PC and PC to land line calls we use Skype, this enables us to make telephone calls and conference calls and, if our clients have Skype installed on their PCs, free video calls.

Office visits

WA Project 's director and senior staff members visit the UK at regular intervals or if a particular project requires face to face meetings to resolve detailing issues. However we find that most things can be clearly communicated through email, telephone calls and drawings.

English Language Training

In order to ensure that instructions are comprehensively understood we are working with the British Council who are facilitating our English language training. Staff attend courses that run 3 nights per week and are regularly assessed.